Interesting Facts About The Lowes Job Application

Facts About The Lowes Job Application

It was in 1946 when Lowes opened its first store in North Carolina. After a few years the store grew and opened its second store in another area in North Carolina, this time in Sparta. With more than seven million Americans now owning a home, Lowes has a bigger market of individuals to which it could promote its services and products, and that means more people applying for a job with the Lowes application.

It was on October 10, 1961, when Lowes joined the stock market trading with its first shares at $12.25 using LOW as its ticker symbol. On the first day of trading, Lowes was able to sell 400,000 shares. With the latest technology, computers came onto the scene and Lowes became one of the first establishments that used computers to manage their inventory and hires their staffs.

The Lowes job application is now being completed online, with many of their stores having their own computer terminals for an express online job application. The success of the company continues and with this success Lowe’s was able to open its branches worldwide. In 2011 Lowes had 1,710 stores in the US and 20 stores in Canada and is now serving over 14 million customers. If you get hired by Lowes, you will definitely have a better life for yourself as the movement upward is readily available for those that want to move up the company ladder. They offer a job with competitive salary and lots of room for improvement and positioning into higher company positions.

Employment numbers with Lowes also has increased over the years, because of the amount of benefits that the company offers its employees. Employment benefits at Lowes come in different forms, but even some part-time positions come with benefits. There are several benefits to being employed with Lowes. Full time positions comes with profit sharing and health benefits.

If you search for jobs online, don’t simply consider the position you are applying for also consider the company. The benefits package the company is offering is an essential that you need to consider, be smart when filling out online job applications. Aside from a competitive wage, you also need to look for other benefits like vacation time, health care benefits and retirement benefits. If you want to apply for a position at Lowes these are several of the benefits that you can expect.

Lowes offers health plans that will fit your budget. The health plan may include dental, vision and medical plans. These health coverages are offered, depending on the company’s positions. For example the health plan does not apply to Lowes part-time positions. The company does not only assure benefits for you, but for your family as well in the event of your untimely death, your family gets a one time death benefit. The company also offers their employees options to get additional life insurance which will take care of their beneficiaries and dependents. For Lowes part-time positions the company is also offering insurance plans, paid holidays, paid time off, and health care benefits. But to get specifics you must consult with a benefits expert at Lowe’s upon your hiring. Thanks for reading.